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Breathe ~ Relax ~ Be Present



My massages are described as soothing and deeply relaxing. In my sessions, I value presence, heartfelt touch, and a genuine connection to the person receiving the massage.

Types of Massage

Classical Swedish Massage – This type of massage helps to releases muscle tension through long, sweeping strokes. It stimulates blood circulation, creates a deep sense of relaxation, and helps to detoxify the body.

Abdominal Chi Massage РThis abdominal massage is relaxing, and stimulates the functioning of the digestive system, liver, lungs, kidneys , bladder, reproductive system and abdominal structures. It is very beneficial in cases of constipation or indigestion, anxiety, stress-related tension, and it strengthens the sense of groundedness in the body. 

Shiatsu – Shiatsu takes place fully clothed. Through pressure of the hands and the thumbs, energy pathways in the body are stimulated. This helps to balance energy in the body, brings deep relaxation, and hightens the sense of vitality.

Connective Tissue Massage of the Face, Neck and Chest – This massage enhances circulation in the skin and deeper tissues of the face, neck and chest. It improves the condition of the skin, gives a healthy glow, and relaxes tension in the facial muscles due to stress and worries. It soothes the senses and helps to bring the awareness inward.


In my yoga classes I integrate postures, breathing exercises and concentration exercises that improve the harmonious energy flow throughout the body. The exercises strenghten and create space in the body, and allow the mind to become clear, joyful and focussed.

Types of Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga – In this dynamic and invigorating yoga practice we link our movement to our breath. We bring our awareness into our body, ativate our energy, and release energy blockages.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – This set sequence of yoga postures activates, opens en strengthens the whole body, and trains the mind in one-pointed concentration. It is a sequence which can be memorized and easily applied in everyday life.

Meditative Yin Yoga – This slow and meditative yoga practice is a journey inward. Postures in which the body can stay passive, are held for several minutes to bring deep relaxation and an opening of energy channels in the body.



In these meditation sessions we practice bringing our attention inward and to the experience of the present moment.

Types of Meditation

Breath Meditation – The breath is present in every moment of life. We can use the breath as an anchor to guide our mind away from recurring thought processes and into directly experiencing the present moment. Instead of identifying with our thoughts, we become the observer. With concentration and dedication, we can experience moments of stillness of mind, and we will get a deeper understanding of the transient nature of life.

Sound Meditation – In this guided sound meditation, as a group, we will connect to our authentic, unique voices. Through the creation of sound we bring our attention to the present moment. Uniting our voices, we feel the powerful effect of the sound vibrations in our body and mind.

Online Course Creation

This is a 4-week online course I created, to help people manage their anxiety and panic attacks through breathing exercises, grounding, relaxation practice and awareness exercises. It is available through

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