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Massage, Yoga en Meditatie in de Gilden

Mijn naam is Serieke en je bent van harte welkom in mijn Massage Praktijk in de wijk de Gilden in Houten. Scroll naar beneden voor een overzicht van de behandelingen die ik geef. Voor afspraken en vragen, stuur mij een bericht via whatsapp of bel 


Wat mensen over mij zeggen...

Behandelingen en prijzen


Rug- Nek- en Schoudermassage

Een massage die extra aandacht geeft aan rug-, nek- en schouderklachten naar aanleiding van thuiswerken, verkeerde (werk)houding en langdurig computergebruik.

30 minuten – 40 euro

60 minuten – 65 euro


Een ontspanningsmassage verbetert de doorbloeding van het lichaam, zorgt voor een diepe ontspanning en helpt bij het afvoeren van gifstoffen. 

30 minuten – 40 euro

60 minuten – 65 euro

90 minuten – 90 euro

120 minuten – 110 euro

Chi Nei Tsang Buikmassage

Deze bijzondere buikmassage stimuleert het gezond functioneren van de organen in de buik. Het kan helpen bij klachten als verstopping, opgeblazen gevoel en menstruatiekrampen, en vermindert spanning door stress of slechte voedingspatronen. Deze massage kan ook helpen bij psychologische klachten als angst, nervositeit, stress of verdriet en zorgt voor een diepe ontspanning. 

60 minuten – 65 euro


 Stevige Klassieke Zweedse Massage

Een stevige klassieke Zweedse massage ontspant het lichaam door middel van strijkbewegingen, knedingen en tapotage (ritmische slagen). Het verbetert de doorbloeding van het lichaam, zorgt voor een diepe ontspanning en helpt bij het afvoeren van gifstoffen. 

 30 minuten – 40 euro

60 minuten – 65 euro

90 minuten – 90 euro

120 minuten – 110 euro


Geleide Meditatieve Ontspanning

Een geleide, meditatieve ontspanning waarbij, door middel van handoplegging, liefdevolle aandacht, zachtheid en ontspanning worden gecultiveerd in het lichaam.

30 minuten – 40 euro

60 minuten – 65 euro

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Breathe ~ Relax ~ Be Present



My massages are described as soothing and deeply relaxing. In my sessions, I value presence, heartfelt touch, and a genuine connection to the person receiving the massage.

Classical Swedish and Relaxation Massage – This type of massage helps to releases muscle tension through long, sweeping strokes. It stimulates blood circulation, creates a deep sense of relaxation, and helps to detoxify the body. Deep tissue techniques are integrated into the sessions.

Abdominal Chi Massage – This abdominal massage is relaxing, and stimulates the functioning of the digestive system, liver, lungs, kidneys , bladder, reproductive system and abdominal structures. It is very beneficial in cases of constipation or indigestion, anxiety, stress-related tension, and it strengthens the sense of groundedness in the body. 

Connective Tissue Massage of the Face, Neck and Chest – This massage enhances circulation in the skin and deeper tissues of the face, neck and chest. It improves the condition of the skin, gives a healthy glow, and relaxes tension in the facial muscles due to stress and worries. It soothes the senses and helps to bring the awareness inward.


In my yoga classes I integrate postures, breathing and concentration exercises that improve the harmonious energy flow throughout the body. The exercises strengthen the body, create space, and cultivate a calm and joyful mind.


Vinyasa Yoga – This invigorating yoga practice links movement to breath, creating a dynamic flow. It cultivates strength and flexibility in the body, releases energy blockages, and brings a sense of calm focus to the mind.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – This set sequence of yoga postures activates, opens and strengthens the whole body, and trains the mind in one-pointed concentration. It is a sequence which can be memorized and easily applied in everyday life.

Meditative Yin Yoga – This slow and meditative yoga practice is a journey inward. Postures in which the body can stay passive, are held for several minutes to bring deep relaxation and an opening of energy channels in the body.

Gentle Hatha Yoga – A gentle practice where physical postures, breathing and relaxation exercises are performed with body awareness. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


In my meditation sessions the intention is to ground the mind in the present moment through one-pointed attention, open awareness and complete immersion in activity. Through meditation practice, we can learn more about the transitory nature of our thoughts, emotions and sensations, as well as the constant presence of ‘the observer’. We might also connect to an inner calmness, a state of relaxation and flow, and a deeper personal purpose.


Breath Meditation – In this meditation we use the rhythm and sensations of the breath as an anchor to guide our mind into directly experiencing the present moment. Instead of identifying with our thoughts, emotions and sensations, we recognize that all fluctuations of the mind come and go like waves in the sea. Through concentration, these waves can calm down, and an inner calmness can be experienced.

Sound Meditation – In this guided sound meditation, we connect to the authentic, unique sound of our voices. Being completely immersed in the sounds we create, we consequently become fully present in the moment. These sound vibrations have a profound effect on our energy field, can help resolve energy blockages, and drown the mind chatter.  

Online Course Creation

This is a 4-week online course I created, to help people manage their anxiety and panic attacks through breathing exercises, grounding, relaxation practice and awareness exercises. It is available through

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